Extensively researched with lengthy development cycles, these projects follow the traditions of documentary media and tell factual stories through multiple images and installations.

Fine Art

The artists goal has always been to tell a complete story with a single image. The fine art images focus on generating an emotional reaction that is formed from personal experiences.


Work for clients in the architecture and industrial industries is a specialty, however, product and portrait commissions are also considered.

Ralph Silva

Ralph Silva is a Toronto based visual artist, educator and broadcaster focused on factual storytelling. Culturally experienced, Ralph has lived in ten countries on three continents engaged in roles that embody diversity. As a live-to-air broadcaster he speaks to a global audience developing factual narratives on complex subject often hidden behind superficial rhetoric.


Photography is Ralph’s primary tool in his goal to explore the core elements of factual subjects. Through a minimalistic approach and preference for abstraction, his work encourages interpretation based on personal context. Working within the documentary tradition, he explores how objects support our emotional wellbeing and how we engage with material goods in our daily lives. In addition, he creates artistic works of ubiquitous subjects from unique perspectives and undertakes commercial assignments.


On the faculty of Yorkville University and the Toronto Film School, Ralph develops and teaches courses that include culture and the creative arts, writing for factual programing, documentary studies, and global perspectives to the visual arts. In addition, he has recently begun work on a research project looking to apply a contemporary perspective to dynamic symmetry and Gestalt visual theory.


A very experienced broadcaster with well over 5,000 live-to-air appearances on some of the world’s most prolific networks. Ralph has written, produced, anchored, and appeared as a guest for over a decade maintaining an average weekly audience of 85 million. Currently, Ralph works primarily with the BBC World Service where he speaks to a diverse global audience in 88 countries covering current event and human-interest stories.